Golf Club Fitting Considerations

Golf club fittings improve your game while ensuring that your clubs are custom made to your exact specifications. Any pro golfer will tell you that being fitted is important for a good round of golf. There are many considerations to make when golf club fitting Boca Raton FL, and the following tips are a few of those things. Use these tips to make your fitting easier, with the best results from your clubs.

Length of Club

The standard club is designed for an individual who is about 5’9. If you are taller or shorter, this is a big problem. When you are getting a club fitting, the club length is one of the first things that will be determined. It is amazing what you can do to enhance your game when you have a club that properly fits your height.

Lie Angle

The lie angle is the angle from the sole of the club to the shaft of the club. An angle that is too upright will cause the toe of the club to be above the heel at impact.  This can cause many problems for a golfer, from poor strike to a ball that flies on either side of the target. A fitting that moves the lie angle from standard position is ideal.

Grip Thickness

More or fewer layers of tape on the grip of your club is the easiest way to adjust the thickness of the grip. It is important to have an accurate grip so that you do not overwork your hands to land more shots. Grips that are too thick can also cause other issues in your game.

When you schedule a golf club fitting, you are taking the right steps toward an awesome game of golf. Use these tips to get the perfect fit.